Buttons Widget For CMS
Make your call-to-action more effective with the creative CMS Buttons Widget. Style it with impressive hover effects and add cool animations to make it look more appealing on your websites.
Add Multiple Buttons
PowerPack Buttons Widget gives you the flexibility to add multiple buttons together. You can add numerous buttons on a single page or section of your website as per your requirement. Also, in case you wish to style each button separately, you can easily do it.
Button With Icon & Image
Simple text buttons sometimes look dull on a webpage and give your website a withering look. With PowerPack, you can add a stylish icon or can add an interactive image along with the text content to spice up your button look. Adding icon/image also gives you control over their styling properties. Use these features and create stylish buttons on your website.

Tooltips For Better User Interface

Enabling tooltip on buttons offers you a better interaction with your site visitors. It makes it easy to understand the purpose of a button & hence provides a better user interface. Customize tooltip, define its positioning, and style it the way you want.
Take Control Of Spacing & Alignment For Buttons
We understand the importance of the positioning of a call-to-action button on web pages. The placement of the button plays a vital role in drawing a visitor’s attention. With that in mind, we have added options to control spacing and alignment for buttons. Place a button on the right location to grab the user’s attention and entice them to click. Lets’ see what all spacing and alignment options you get with PowerPack Button Widget:
Stunning Hover Effects
Add a wow factor on your website buttons with the cool animation effects. PowerPack Buttons Widget offers several enticing animations that can be seen when users hover on the button. You can also add a shadow to the button to enhance the animation.
Typography, Background & Color Options

By customizing typography, background, color options, you can create beautiful buttons in just a few clicks. CMS buttons widget offers several styling options for almost every element of the button.