Info Box Carousel Widget

Highlight important information on your Elementor websites by displaying them in a stylish carousel layout with the Info Box Carousel Widget for Elementor.

Advanced Customization Options

We understand the need for flexible customization options in website design. It is necessary to pay attention to the styling property of every single element. It matters! So, keeping this in mind, we have added customization & styling options to style every single aspect of a carousel.

Not just styling features, we have also embedded controls for spacing, alignment, and slide carousel. These controls let you define carousel speed, the spacing between elements, enable/disable infinite loop, autoplay, etc.

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Advanced Carousel Controls

Not just the animations, with PowerPack, you get advanced options to control the functionality & design of the carousel. These advanced options include:

Customize & Style Every Single Element

Info Box Carousel widget is loaded with extensive styling options that let you customize every single element of the widget. Using these options, you can create some beautiful info box carousels to showcase information on your website. Some of the customization options you get with this PowerPack widget are:
Mobile-Responsive Info Box Carousels
Whether it’s a small screen mobile device or a big-screen laptop. Info Box Carousel widget works flawlessly on any device. You can easily alter the styling for all device sizes and create beautiful carousels.