Logo Carousel Widget
Use PowerPack Logo Carousel Widget to create interactive slider of your clients’ or partners’ logos on your Elementor websites.
Create Beautiful Logo Carousels
Flaunt logos of your partners and sponsors in a beautiful carousel layout. Creating a logo carousel is super easy with PowerPack, just upload logo images of the brands you’re working with and you are done with a stunning carousel display.

Multiple Carousel Effects

Getting bored with the simple slide carousel effect? Worry Not! Add enticing effects to logo carousels & make them visually appealing for your visitors. Logo Carousel widget offers 4 subtle effects; using these effects, you can create exciting carousel styles on your Elementor websites.
Slide >Fade >Cube >Coverflow >Flip

Advanced Customization Options

We understand the need for flexible customization options in website design. It is necessary to pay attention to the styling property of every single element. It matters! So, keeping this in mind, we have added customization & styling options to style every single aspect of a carousel.

Not just styling features, we have also embedded controls for spacing, alignment, and slide carousel. These controls let you define carousel speed, the spacing between elements, enable/disable infinite loop, autoplay, etc.

Different Styles For Pagination

Elementor Logo Carousel widget offers different pagination styles for the carousel. Either you can choose Dot navigation or Fraction navigation, and later style it to blend with other elements design.

Responsive & Easy-To-Use WordPress Logo Carousel Widget

No matter which type of device you use. Be it a small screen mobile device or a big-screen laptop. Our widget works flawlessly on any device.

You can easily customize the styling for all device sizes and create accessible carousels on your WordPress websites.

Typography, Color, Background & Images

Go code-free with the PowerPack Logo Carousel widget. The widget lets you build advanced Elementor logo sliders in just clicks.